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How To Set This Up
This wants its files to live in `/app`.
After you do the registration step,
that can be mounted read-only.
But it will want to write its token in the registration step.
1. Go get a runner registration token from your forgejo/gitea instance.
2. Decide in advance what tags you want to use.
`big-builder,go,python3,hugo` isn't an awful choice.
3. Run this:
mkdir /srv/big-builder
docker run --rm -it -v /srv/big-builder:/app big-builder # This will ask you 3 questions
docker run -d --restart=always -v /srv/big-builder:/app:ro big-builder daemon
You should provide custom tags:
that's how you keep it from trying to use docker.
On my raspberry pi,
I used `["big-builder", "aarch64", "go", "python3", "hugo"]`.
I used the tags `aarch64,big-builder,go,python3,hugo`.
Otherwise, just set this up the same way you would set up the
More documentation is at
[gitea act runner](https://docs.gitea.com/usage/actions/act-runner).
To run in daemon mode,
you have to give it `daemon` on the commandline:
I didn't make a fancypants script to guess the command.
Adding Other Packages