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# How I Made This
# What this is
These are files to print and play a detective game my family enjoys.
It's entirely in black and white.
I don't own a color printer,
but I do own colored pencils.
The rooms are big open spaces
and the suspects and weapons are just clip art.
I'm not good at art,
so I had to use stuff other people made.
You wind up with a kind of generic looking game.
you should feel encouraged
to draw your own decorations
on everything.
There's lots of empty space for this!
# How I made mine
I printed everything but the weapon tokens on
something that felt like about 80-pound glossy card stock.
@ -20,6 +40,13 @@ We colored the bands on the player and weapon cards
using some colored pencils,
and my daughter drew furniture in the rooms and on the room cards.
# Parts you can't print
* A six-sided die
* Different-colored pawns or tokens, for players/suspects
# Why tiny cards?
Cheapass Games made a fun game called "Kill Doctor Lucky"