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Eris is an HTTP/1.1 web server with CGI.
It is very fast,
uses very little memory,
and has a tiny codebase which has been audited at least twice by gray-hat hackers.
It relies on an external program,
such as tcpserver or netcat,
to handle networking,
and expects to be run once for every connection.
This may sound horrible,
but it's actually pretty quick,
especially since this architecture makes it trivial to use the
`sendfile` call in Linux
(added in 2003 as a reaction to Apache losing to IIS in benchmarks),
which sends an open file directly to a socket,
without having to context switch into userspace.
It conforms to the parts of HTTP/1.1 that appear to be important to clients.
I have not found any HTTP/1.1 clients which have trouble with Eris,
including curl, which breaks with fnord (the reason I began work on Eris).
Eris HTTPD is a part of [Dirtbags Capture The Flag](
As I was adding more and more patches against [fnord 1.10](,
After many patches against [fnord 1.10](,
I decided to fork fnord into a new project.
Fnord's author approved of the fork.
Differences with fnord