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#! /usr/bin/env python
import irc
NAME = ['arsenic']
INFO = "I'm a little teapot, short and stout"
class MultiChannel(irc.Channel):
"""Multiple-channel recipient
The idea is that this object can represent multiple channels, so
when it's told to do something, it will happen in more than one
def __init__(self, ifchans, name):
self._ifchans = ifchans
self._name = name
def cmd(self, cmd, text):
for iface, chans in self._ifchans:
for chan in chans:
iface.write([cmd, chan], text)
class LinkBot(irc.Bot):
"""Linkbot stuff.
The strategy here is to relay messages to the
others, then get the others to act as if they had just seen the
message from their server.
def __init__(self, *data):
self.others = []
self.fora = None
if data:
irc.Bot.__init__(self, *data)
def handle_cooked(self, op, sender, forum, addl):
"""The crux of the linkbot.
By replacing forum with a multi-channel forum, forum-directed
replies go to all channels.
if self.fora and forum and forum.is_channel():
forum = MultiChannel(self.fora,
irc.Bot.handle_cooked(self, op, sender, forum, addl)
def set_others(self, others):
self.others = others
self.fora = []
for i in [self] + others:
self.fora.append((i, i.channels))
def broadcast(self, text):
for i in self.others:
def cmd_privmsg(self, sender, forum, addl):
if forum.is_channel():
self.broadcast('<%s> %s' % (, addl[0]))
def cmd_cprivmsg(self, sender, forum, addl):
if forum.is_channel():
cmd = addl[0]
text = ' '.join(addl[1:])
if cmd == 'ACTION':
self.broadcast('* %s %s' % (, text))
def cmd_nick(self, sender, forum, addl):
self.broadcast(' *** %s is now known as %s' % (addl[0],
def cmd_join(self, sender, forum, addl):
self.broadcast(' *** %s has joined' % (
def cmd_part(self, sender, forum, addl):
self.broadcast(' *** %s has left' % (
cmd_quit = cmd_part
if __name__ == '__main__':
l1 = LinkBot(('', 6667),
l2 = LinkBot(('', 6667),