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@ -23,6 +23,13 @@ Supported Controllers
* MP3e2
* Steel
Support is planned for:
* 4Set
If you have a Hercules device that doesn't "just work" with Mixxx,
send me an email, there's a good chance I can support it with this.
How To Run
@ -41,7 +48,15 @@ The driver is pretty crappy right now.
If you email me, I'm a lot more likely to fix things.
Even if you just say "hi, I'm using your Hercules driver".
* Driver must be launched after
* Driver must be launched after device is plugged in
* It locks up and crashes sometimes
If you find a problem, please, please, pretty-please,
email me <>.
Posting on the Mixxx Community Forums is fine too,
maybe someone there can help you,
but I don't check the forums very often.