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@ -135,18 +135,28 @@ it will be much cheaper.
More interesting to me is that
*I still need a smartphone*.
I'm leaving it powered off,
but I need to turn it on for:
Or at least,
I still need something that can run Android apps.
Specifically, for:
* Depositing checks
* Obtaining SMS codes (I still haven't ported my phone number over)
* Video calls with my family
* Authention app for work (!)
I *think* I can do business travel without the smartphone.
I've got the work authentication app installed on my personal Chromebook,
and while I was at it,
I set up a Plex app,
That's actually all:
everything else I need, I can run in a web browser.
But they won't let me deposit checks with a browser.
I can run Android apps on a Chromebook,
so that's what I'm doing.
I'm switching over to my kid's Chromebook,
which has a better camera than the 8-year-old one I've been using:
this will help with video calls.
It's also smaller, lighter, and has a newer battery,
so it's a bit of an upgrade.
It can still run Linux, too.
While I was messing around,
I set up the Plex app,
so I have some stuff to watch on my next train trip.
Will this stick?