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title: New Job
date: 2023-06-20
I'm now working at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
This is a Department of Energy Office of Science laboratory.
LANL, my previous employer,
was a National Nuclear Security Administration laboratory.
PNNL is going to have less restrictive policies,
and more of a focus on science that can be published to the world,
at the cost of not being as well-funded.
It's also a fully-remote job.
At PNNL, this means I only go in to work 3-4 times a year.
Most of my time will be sitting in my bedroom,
but they're fine with me working in a coffee shop,
or on a train,
or in a VRBO with my wife while she's doing things for her advanced degree.
This was the roughest job switch I've ever done.
It was stressful enough that I think it is unlikely I will ever switch jobs again.
I'll be doing pretty much the same thing I was doing at LANL.
I'm still managing Cyber Fire,
and I'll be helping out with some other training things at PNNL.
This is also my first attempt to use Windows for work.
I haven't used Windows since about 1993.
It seems to have improved: I only have to reboot once a day now.
So that's nice.