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@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ Then you can run it:
--name=sucker \
--device cdrom --device dvd --device sr0 \
-v $incoming:/incoming \
-p 5880:8080 \
Or you can put it in a `docker-compose.yaml` file:
@ -45,6 +46,9 @@ services:
- type: bind
source: /path/to/incoming
target: /incoming
- published: 5880
target: 8080
Stick a video DVD or audio CD in,
@ -53,9 +57,7 @@ then spit your media back out.
Then, eventually, you'll have a new `.mkv` file (for video)
or a new directory of `.mp3` files (for audio).
You can watch what it's doing:
docker logs --since=1m -f sucker
You can watch what it's doing at http://localhost:5880/
## A note on filenames and tags