My additions to the Mixxxx DJ software, enabling some Hercules DJ controllers
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Mixxx is Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live DJ mixes. Mixxx works on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Quick Start

To get started with Mixxx:

  1. For live use, download the latest stable version.
  2. For experimentation and testing, download a development release.
  3. To live on the bleeding edge, clone the repo: git clone


The Mixxx team is hard at work on Mixxx 1.12.0. The best place to keep track of 1.12.0 development is the 1.12.0 milestone page on Launchpad.

Bug tracker

The Mixxx team uses Launchpad to manage Mixxx development.

Have a bug or feature request? File a bug on Launchpad.

Want to get involved in Mixxx development? Assign yourself a bug from the easy bug list and get started!


Build Status

First, you must install all of Mixxx's dependencies. To compile Mixxx using SCons, run:

$ scons

Please see our helpful guides on the wiki for more information:


For help using Mixxx, there are a variety of options:


Help to spread Mixxx with translations into more languages, as well as to update and ensure the accuracy of existing translations.


Mixxx is a vibrant community of hackers, DJs and artists. To keep track of development and community news:


Mixxx is released under the GPLv2. See the LICENSE file for a full copy of the license.