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#! /bin/sh
case "$url:$teamid" in
cat <<EOD; exit 1
Downloads all content currently open,
and writes it out to a zip file.
MOTHURL URL to the instance
TEAMID Team ID you used to log in
tmpdir=$(mktemp -d moth-dl.XXXXXX)
bye () {
echo "bye now"
rm -rf $tmpdir
trap bye EXIT
fetch () {
curl -s -d id=$teamid "$@"
echo "=== Fetching puzzles and attachments"
fetch $url/state > $tmpdir/state.json
cat $tmpdir/state.json \
| jq -r '.Puzzles | to_entries[] | .key as $k | .value[] | select (. > 0) | "\($k) \(.)"' \
| while read cat points; do
echo " + $cat $points"
mkdir -p $dir
fetch $url/content/$cat/$points/puzzle.json > $dir/puzzle.json
cat $dir/puzzle.json | jq .Body > $dir/puzzle.html
cat $dir/puzzle.json | jq -r '.Attachments[]?' | while read attachment; do
echo " - $attachment"
fetch $url/content/$cat/$points/$attachment > $dir/$attachment
zipfile=$(echo $url | grep -o '[a-z]*\.[a-z.]*').zip
echo "=== Writing $zipfile"
(cd $tmpdir && zip -r - .) > $zipfile
echo "=== Wrote $zipfile"

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Download All Unlocked Puzzles
We get a lot of requests to "download everything" from an event.
Here's how you could do that:
What You Need
* The URL to your puzzle server. We will call this `$url`.
* Your Team ID. We will call this `$teamid`.
* A way to POST `$teamid` to a URL, and save the result. We will call this procedure "Fetch".
* A way to parse JSON files
1. Fetch `$url/state`. This is the State object.
2. In the State object, `Puzzles` maps category name to a list of open puzzle point values.
3. For each category (we will call this `$category`):
1. For each point value:
1. If the point value is 0, skip it. 0 indicates all puzzles in this category are unlocked.
2. Fetch `$url/content/$category/$points/index.json`. This is the Puzzle object.
3. In the Puzzle object, `Body` contains the HTML body of the puzzle.
4. For each file listed in `Attachments` (we will call this `$attachment`):
1. Fetch `$url/content/$category/$points/$attachment`.