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@ -37,6 +37,23 @@ Why You Should Not Use This
* You love using `more` and `less` more than you love using `cat` and Emacs built-in navigation
What's wrong with TRAMP?
Nothing's wrong with TRAMP.
But in my job, I frequently have to be three or four shells deep,
sometimes with login methods that TRAMP doesn't support.
This lets me stop having to care about TRAMP,
and just do what I'd do with an xterm
(but with all the benefits for high-latency connections and history mentioned above).
For instance:
1. ssh host-a
2. ipmi host-b sol activate
3. open bizarre proprietary shell on host-c
4. edit a file
How To Use This
Drop it somewhere that you can load it up.
@ -86,5 +103,5 @@ I've been trying to get some key bindings set up that will:
But I'm having quite a bit of trouble with Emacs dropping characters for some reason.
If you're interested in helping,
have a look at [neale-comint-edit.el](neale-comint-edit) and see what you can twiddle out of it.
have a look at [neale-comint-edit.el](neale-comint-edit.el) and see what you can twiddle out of it.