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* Defines for things used in find.c
* @(#)network.h 4.35 (Berkeley) 02/05/99
* Don't change the constants, since they are used for sizes in many
* places in the program.
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#undef SIGTSTP
#define MAXSTR 1024 /* maximum length of strings */
#define MAXLINES 32 /* maximum number of screen lines used */
#define MAXCOLS 80 /* maximum number of screen columns used */
#define RN (((Seed = Seed*11109+13849) >> 16) & 0xffff)
#ifdef CTRL
#undef CTRL
#define CTRL(c) (c & 037)
* Now all the global variables
extern bool Got_ltc, In_shell, Wizard;
extern char Fruit[], Orig_dsusp, Prbuf[], Whoami[];
extern int Fd;
extern struct ltchars Ltc;
#endif /* TIOCGLTC */
* Function types
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
void auto_save(int sig);
void come_down(void);
void doctor(void);
void end_line(void);
void endit(int sig);
void fatal(char *s);
void getltchars(void);
void land(void);
void leave(int sig);
void my_exit(int st);
void nohaste(void);
void playit(void);
void playltchars(void);
void print_disc(char type);
void quit(int sig);
void resetltchars(void);
void rollwand(void);
void runners(void);
void set_order(short *order, int numthings);
void sight(void);
void stomach(void);
void swander(void);
void tstp(int ignored);
void unconfuse(void);
void unsee(void);
void visuals(void);
char add_line(char *fmt, char *arg);
char *killname(char monst, bool doart);
char *nothing(char type);
char *type_name(int type);
void checkout(int sig);