Animated wall art
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Wall Art

This is a CircuitPython port of an art piece I have hanging in the wall of my office, with pixels crammed into a cardboard box.

This port is running on a 1x1 stick of wood, with tissue paper around it.

It doesn't display anything significant. The idea is to have something to look at if you're idle, without it being a distraction from more pressing issues. If you're familiar with the album "music for airports", it's that.

Most people, after watching it for a bit, form different ideas about what it's displaying. That's cool.


I was trying to make pixels fade in and out, and got the math wrong. But what I wound up with looked more interesting than what I was trying to make, so I kept it.

After many trips to Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return, I realized that the presentation of the piece is more important than how complicated the algorithm is.

It's hard to encapsulate in a git repository, but if you want to make NeoPixel art, think hard about what the end result should look like. It's not enough to make a cool light show; it has to make people wonder "what is that for?"