diff --git a/.gitignore b/.gitignore new file mode 100644 index 0000000..57510a2 --- /dev/null +++ b/.gitignore @@ -0,0 +1 @@ +_site/ diff --git a/_config.yml b/_config.yml new file mode 100644 index 0000000..e1776d7 --- /dev/null +++ b/_config.yml @@ -0,0 +1,7 @@ +destination: /srv/http/woozle.org +defaults: + - + scope: + path: "" + values: + layout: "default" diff --git a/template.m4 b/_layouts/default.html similarity index 56% rename from template.m4 rename to _layouts/default.html index 1329972..3b6551c 100644 --- a/template.m4 +++ b/_layouts/default.html @@ -1,14 +1,14 @@ - TITLE + {{ page.title }} - - + + -


-divert(1) +

{{ page.title }}

+{{ content }} -divert(0) diff --git a/style.css b/assets/css/style.css similarity index 100% rename from style.css rename to assets/css/style.css diff --git a/assets/images/armadillo.jpg b/assets/images/armadillo.jpg new file mode 100644 index 0000000..3181171 Binary files /dev/null and b/assets/images/armadillo.jpg differ diff --git a/icon.png b/assets/images/icon.png similarity index 100% rename from icon.png rename to assets/images/icon.png diff --git a/birds/SpaceHobo.png b/birds/SpaceHobo.png deleted file mode 100644 index 4fe1df8..0000000 Binary files a/birds/SpaceHobo.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/bz2.jpg b/birds/bz2.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index b4bf1c2..0000000 Binary files a/birds/bz2.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/cyclohexane-bird.png b/birds/cyclohexane-bird.png deleted file mode 100644 index dd03250..0000000 Binary files a/birds/cyclohexane-bird.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/emad-finnix.jpg b/birds/emad-finnix.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 04b2312..0000000 Binary files a/birds/emad-finnix.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/emad.jpg b/birds/emad.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index f2be507..0000000 Binary files a/birds/emad.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/eythian.png b/birds/eythian.png deleted file mode 100644 index 2632db6..0000000 Binary files a/birds/eythian.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/fondue.gif b/birds/fondue.gif deleted file mode 100644 index 490634c..0000000 Binary files a/birds/fondue.gif and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/index.mdwn b/birds/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index ab6a507..0000000 --- a/birds/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,27 +0,0 @@ -Title: Nerds draw Birds - -Once upon a time there was a nice lady who drew birds for people. She -was so nice that a part of her body thought, "if some of her is this -nice, an infinite amount of her would be *really* nice!" So it -started to grow, and grow, and grow, and then it had to be removed. -Now she's going to feel icky for a while. - -We've decided to try and draw some birds for her because there's nothing -else we can do. - -define(BURD, `$2') -BURD(neale.png, Neale's bird is all set for winter or sumo wrestling.) -BURD(neale2.png, Neale's woodpecker seems to have had a botched lobotomy.) -BURD(cyclohexane-bird.png, deejoe used a chemistry CAD program. I think this is H₆O₅C₃ and should be considered highly volatile.) -BURD(sarah.png, Sarah's bird can scale to poster size with NO PIXELLATION.) -BURD(nemo.png, Nemo apparently doesn't understand what 'poorly-drawn' means.) -BURD(SpaceHobo.png, SpaceHobo's bird is cruisin' for a bruisin'.) -BURD(emad-finnix.jpg, SpaceHobo suggested this drawing by emad. I think they both may be unclear on the concept.) -BURD(eythian.png, Eythian drew this beautiful anencephalic owl.) -BURD(emad.jpg, I can't tell if emad's drawing is a bird or a bird leg with legs.) -BURD(fondue.gif, Fondue's duck is furious that its iPad's touchscreen isn't usable with feathers. You can't tell because ducks have no lips.) -BURD(sneakums.png, It looks kind and gentle but sneakums' bird would just as soon peck your eyes out as poop in your hair.) -BURD(rasher.png, HI GUYS HOW'S IT GOING DO YOU LIKE SEEDS by rasher) -BURD(teferi.jpg, Someone just told teferi's bird a really terrible joke.) -BURD(bz2.jpg, I never thought I'd see a bird with a pompadour`,' but bz2 has made that happen.) -BURD(pedro.jpg, Pedro has been watching too many Michael Bay movies.) diff --git a/birds/neale.png b/birds/neale.png deleted file mode 100644 index 39599c2..0000000 Binary files a/birds/neale.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/neale2.png b/birds/neale2.png deleted file mode 100644 index 51314c4..0000000 Binary files a/birds/neale2.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/nemo.png b/birds/nemo.png deleted file mode 100644 index 9f03c82..0000000 Binary files a/birds/nemo.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/pedro.jpg b/birds/pedro.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index cc4633b..0000000 Binary files a/birds/pedro.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/rasher.png b/birds/rasher.png deleted file mode 100644 index 7e00b30..0000000 Binary files a/birds/rasher.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/sarah.png b/birds/sarah.png deleted file mode 100644 index 9dd1b97..0000000 Binary files a/birds/sarah.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/sneakums.png b/birds/sneakums.png deleted file mode 100644 index 9b2ab1b..0000000 Binary files a/birds/sneakums.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/birds/teferi.jpg b/birds/teferi.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 70c018d..0000000 Binary files a/birds/teferi.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/derby/index.mdwn b/derby/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index e859557..0000000 --- a/derby/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,44 +0,0 @@ -Title: Woozle Roller Derby Stuff - -Roller Derby software, forms, and advice, with a focus on smaller teams. - -The Woozle Promise ------------------- - -* Free: no ads, no fees, forever -* Open: you're encouraged to copy and modify -* Clean: fans and NSOs should focus on the game, not our software -* Easy: quickly-learned and intuitive interfaces - -Software --------- - -* [Woozle Roller Derby Scoreboard](/scoreboard/) -* [Penalty Timer for Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.woozle.penaltytimer) -* [Track](/track/) with movable players - -Hardware Gadgets ----------------- - -* [Hardware Scoreboard](https://woozle.org/neale/g.cgi/derby/hw-scoreboard) -* [Official Timer's Stopwatch](https://woozle.org/neale/g.cgi/derby/stopwatch) - -Forms ------ - -* [Multi-NSO scrimmage form](scrimmage.pdf) for tracking points and penalties -* [Lineup tracking form](lineup.pdf) - -Articles --------- - -* [Running A/V for a Bout](http://woozle.org/~neale/papers/derby-av.html) -* [Copyright Advice for Small Leagues](http://woozle.org/~neale/papers/derby-copyright.html) - - -2013 Roller Con Talks ---------------------- - -* [Small Town Procedures and Gadgets](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1v2UuqYCnn_BRfchWsHp4DtdSEdKoQ5tllRMLRZj9FFQ/edit?usp=sharing) -* [Build Your Own Scoreboard](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pjuXe6HR7WbX8d77iv2x3G1tRdTk51ZZ39ZCKwY1yIE/edit?usp=sharing) - diff --git a/derby/install b/derby/install deleted file mode 100755 index a1818ef..0000000 --- a/derby/install +++ /dev/null @@ -1,11 +0,0 @@ -#! /bin/sh - -DESTDIR=${1:-/srv/http/woozle.org/derby} - -for src in *.ps; do - target=$DESTDIR/${src%.ps}.pdf - if older $target $src; then - echo "PDF $src" - pstopdf $src $target - fi -done diff --git a/derby/lineup.ps b/derby/lineup.ps deleted file mode 100644 index 58d4cba..0000000 --- a/derby/lineup.ps +++ /dev/null @@ -1,87 +0,0 @@ -%!PS-Adobe-2.0 -%%BoundingBox: 0 0 612 792 - -0.5 setlinewidth - -/boxh 15 def -/numw 35 def -/boxw 15 def -/rows 20 def - -/stake { - /fillp exch def - - gsave - boxh 0 rmoveto - boxh neg boxh neg rlineto - 0 boxh rows neg mul rlineto stroke - grestore - - fillp { - gsave - 0.7 setgray - boxh 0 rmoveto - boxh neg boxh neg rlineto - 0 boxh rows neg mul rlineto - boxw 0 rlineto - 0 boxh rows mul rlineto - boxh boxh rlineto - closepath - fill - grestore - } if -} def - -/lineup { - gsave - translate - - 0 0 moveto - false stake - 1 1 16 { - /i exch def - - i boxw mul numw add 0 moveto - i 2 mod 1 eq stake - } for - - 1 1 21 { - /i exch def - - 0 i boxh mul neg moveto - 16 boxw mul numw add 0 rlineto - stroke - } for - - grestore -} def - -/Times-Roman findfont 12 scalefont setfont - -20 720 moveto -(Team ) show -200 0 rlineto stroke - -350 720 moveto -(Team ) show -200 0 rlineto stroke - - 20 700 lineup -310 700 lineup - - 20 350 lineup -310 350 lineup - -/Times-Roman findfont 11 scalefont setfont - - -/Times-Roman findfont 9 scalefont setfont -200 760 moveto -/copyright glyphshow -(2012 Neale Pickett) show -300 760 moveto -(\(CC\) BY-SA) show -300 750 moveto -(Please copy and share this document) show - -showpage diff --git a/derby/scrimmage.ps b/derby/scrimmage.ps deleted file mode 100644 index 15a519f..0000000 --- a/derby/scrimmage.ps +++ /dev/null @@ -1,148 +0,0 @@ -%!PS-Adobe-2.0 -%%BoundingBox: 0 0 612 792 - -0.5 setlinewidth -/Courier findfont 9 scalefont setfont - -/str ( ) def - -/points { - gsave - translate - - 0 1 1 { - -110 mul 0 exch translate - - 0 1 9 { - /i exch def - - 0 i -11 mul moveto - 0 1 9 { - i 10 mul add /x exch def - - x 10 lt - { - ( ) show - x str cvs show - } - { x str cvs show } - ifelse - ( ) show - } for - } for - } for - - grestore -} def - -/timeouts { - gsave - translate - - 0 0 moveto (OR) show - 5 30 moveto (T) show - 5 50 moveto (T) show - 5 70 moveto (T) show - 0 100 moveto (OR) show - - grestore -} def - -/phi 18 def -/plr 60 def -/pen 20 def - -/penalties { - gsave - translate - - 0 0 moveto - - 1 1 16 { - /i exch def - - 0 i phi mul neg moveto - - 0 phi neg rlineto - plr 0 rlineto - 0 phi rlineto - 0 phi neg rmoveto - - 1 1 7 { - /j exch def - - pen 0 rlineto - 0 phi rlineto 0 phi neg rmoveto - } for - - } for - - stroke - - grestore -} def - - -0 -50 translate - - -20 700 points -430 700 points - -/Times-Roman findfont 12 scalefont setfont - -190 540 timeouts -400 540 timeouts - - -20 450 moveto -(Team ) show -180 0 rlineto stroke - -350 450 moveto -(Team ) show -180 0 rlineto stroke - -20 440 penalties -350 440 penalties - -/Times-Roman findfont 11 scalefont setfont - -/cshow { - gsave - exch show - grestore - gsave - 16 0 rmoveto - show - grestore - 0 -12 rmoveto -} def - -230 650 moveto -(A) (High Block / Block To Head) cshow -(B) (Back Block) cshow -(E) (Elbows) cshow -(F) (Forearms / Hands) cshow -(O) (Out of Bounds Block) cshow -(L) (Low Block / Tripping) cshow -(C) (Direction of Gameplay) cshow -(M) (Multi-Player Block) cshow -(I) (Illegal Procedure) cshow -(S) (Skating Out of Bounds) cshow -(X) (Track Cut) cshow -(P) (Out of Play) cshow -(H) (Head) cshow -(G) (Gross Misconduct / Misconduct) cshow -(N) (Insubordination) cshow - -/Times-Roman findfont 9 scalefont setfont -200 760 moveto -/copyright glyphshow -(2014 Neale Pickett) show -300 760 moveto -(\(CC\) BY-SA) show -300 750 moveto -(Please copy and share this document) show - -showpage diff --git a/derbygirl.png b/derbygirl.png deleted file mode 100644 index 1795ed1..0000000 Binary files a/derbygirl.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/index.md b/index.md new file mode 100644 index 0000000..c2fe934 --- /dev/null +++ b/index.md @@ -0,0 +1,17 @@ +--- +title: Woozle +--- + +When the World Wide Web was sort of new, +back before "web 2.0", +Woozle was a place where people kept things +like email, homepages, blogs. +Now those things are all provided elsewhere, +and they're way better than anything Woozle ever had. + +Some people still use this server +mostly for software development, +but there's nothing interesting left +to put on the front page. +So here is a photograph of a turtle: +![armadillo](assets/images/armadillo.jpg) \ No newline at end of file diff --git a/index.mdwn b/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index cd533a9..0000000 --- a/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,19 +0,0 @@ -Title: Woozle - - - -Woozle provides roller derby software, hardware designs, -forms, and advice. -Woozle also hosts email, web, and shells, -for anyone who knows the right person to ask. - - -* [Woozle Roller Derby Scoreboard](/scoreboard/) -* [More Roller Derby Stuff](/derby/) -* [People with homepages](/people.html) - - - -
diff --git a/install b/install deleted file mode 100755 index fe1a1fb..0000000 --- a/install +++ /dev/null @@ -1,64 +0,0 @@ -#! /bin/sh - -DESTDIR=${1:-/srv/http/woozle.org} - -cd $(dirname $0) - -html () { - target=$DESTDIR/${1%mdwn}html - if older $target $1 template.m4; then - echo "HTML $1" - mkdir -p $(dirname $target) - ./mdwntohtml template.m4 < $1 > $target - fi -} - -copy () { - target=$DESTDIR/$1 - if older $target $1; then - echo "COPY $1" - mkdir -p $(dirname $target) - cp $1 $target - fi -} - -compile () { - target=$DESTDIR/${1%.c} - if older $target $1; then - echo "COMP $1" - gcc -o $target $1 - fi -} - -install () { - fd=$(dirname $fn) - echo "SUBINSTALL $fd" - (cd $fd && ./install $DESTDIR/$fd) -} - - -git ls-files | while read fn; do - case "$fn" in - .*|*/.*|*~|install) - ;; - */install) - install $fn - ;; - *.mdwn) - html $fn - ;; - *.cgi.c) - compile $fn - ;; - *) - copy $fn - ;; - esac -done - - -if older $DESTDIR/people.html people.sh template.m4 /etc/passwd; then - echo "PEOPLE" - sh people.sh | ./mdwntohtml template.m4 > $DESTDIR/people.html -fi - diff --git a/led-scoreboard/index.mdwn b/led-scoreboard/index.md similarity index 81% rename from led-scoreboard/index.mdwn rename to led-scoreboard/index.md index 439afea..ce8b45b 100644 --- a/led-scoreboard/index.mdwn +++ b/led-scoreboard/index.md @@ -1,13 +1,12 @@ -Title: LED Roller Derby Scoreboard +--- +title: LED Roller Derby Scoreboard +--- A do-it-yourself LED Roller Derby scoreboard. It's visible in full sunlight, doesn't use a computer at all, and can be easily operated by an 8-year-old. -If you're looking for a software scoreboard (using a projector) -this [list of free derby scoreboard software](http://woozle.org/scoreboard/others.html) will help. - This scoreboard is operated with a Nintendo controller, and runs on an XBox 360 power supply. The rest of the parts need to be ordered from various sources online. @@ -34,7 +33,7 @@ Resources * [Discussion Group](https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/scoreboard-builders) for help from others who've built or are building one. * [Google Drive Folder](https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzovkpI6mzWQNFc4eGN0aGoyTGM&usp=sharing) with schematics, documentation, and firmware releases. -* [Firmware Source Code](http://woozle.org/neale/g.cgi/avr/scoreboard) +* [Firmware Source Code](https://github.com/nealey/hw-rollerdebry-scoreboard) About Me @@ -44,6 +43,3 @@ I'm Neale Pickett, also known as "Q" in the Derby world. Feel free to [email me](mailto:neale@woozle.org), but the group would be more appropriate for email relating to this scoreboard. - -I've done a lot of [other derby stuff](/derby/) -that you may be interested in. diff --git a/mdwntohtml b/mdwntohtml deleted file mode 100755 index 9c68f5a..0000000 --- a/mdwntohtml +++ /dev/null @@ -1,15 +0,0 @@ -#! /bin/sh -e - -while IFS=: read field value; do - case "$field" in - "") - break - ;; - Title) - # echo strips leading and trailing whitespace - title=$(echo $value) - ;; - esac -done - -m4 -DIMAGE='' | markdown | m4 -DTITLE="$title" $1 - diff --git a/people.sh b/people.sh deleted file mode 100755 index 260401f..0000000 --- a/people.sh +++ /dev/null @@ -1,18 +0,0 @@ -#! /bin/sh - -echo 'Title: People' -echo -echo 'The following people have made public homepages:' -echo - -ls /home/*/public_html/index.html | while read fn; do - a=${fn#/home/} - u=${a%/public_html/index.html} - tl=/srv/http/woozle.org/~$u - l=/srv/http/woozle.org/$u - - echo "* [$u](/~$u/)" - for link in $tl $l; do - [ -h $link ] || ln -s /home/$u/public_html $link - done -done diff --git a/robots.txt b/robots.txt deleted file mode 100644 index e69de29..0000000 diff --git a/scoreboard/chrome.png b/scoreboard/chrome.png deleted file mode 100644 index 40b579b..0000000 Binary files a/scoreboard/chrome.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/scoreboard/faq.mdwn b/scoreboard/faq.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index e3b4d04..0000000 --- a/scoreboard/faq.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,70 +0,0 @@ -Title: Woozle Scoreboard FAQ - -Questions, with answers, about the -[Woozle Roller Derby Scoreboard](/scoreboard/). - -Where do I report a bug? -==================================== - -[Right here](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/support/mgdklbiancdieoaabojfabakhlfhiglb). -Thanks for letting me know about problems, -or asking for improvements! - - -How do I operate the scoreboard with the mouse? -==================================== - -Short answer: click on anything to change it. - -During Setup ------------- - -* Click the photo icon to upload a logo -* Click the color bar to change the color of the generic logo -* Click a score to set it to 0 -* Click the ruleset name to cycle through presets -* Click the period clock to adjust it (type the new time in) -* Click "Period 1" to change that indicator text - -During Gameplay ------------- - -* Click the jam clock to switch between Jam and Lineup -* Click the star to indicate lead jammer (if you want to track this) -* Click a score to raise the score -* Click a team logo to lower the score -* Click the period clock (on the top) to go into timeout -* Click the pips (on the bottom left and bottom right) to subtract a team timeout. Clicking on empty timeouts will reset to all full. -* During timeout, edit the period clock with the keyboard to change it -* Click "Period 1" to change that indicator text - - -How do I operate the scoreboard with the keyboard? -==================================== - -* Space Bar: switch between Jam and Lineup -* , and .: Indicate lead jammer -* A and Z: Change score on the left -* ' and /: Change the score on the right -* T: Timeout -* Use the mouse for everything else - - -How do I set up for a second bout? -==================================== - -Click the "close" icon in the top-right and re-launch the app. - - -Is there an overlay version for streamcasting? -==================================== - -Yes there is, and it's beautiful! -[Email me](mailto:neale@woozle.org) to help beta test the overlay version of the app. - - -Why are you giving this away for free? -==================================== - -Same reason you're paying to play: I love Roller Derby. - diff --git a/scoreboard/index.md b/scoreboard/index.md new file mode 100644 index 0000000..74f5d7e --- /dev/null +++ b/scoreboard/index.md @@ -0,0 +1,13 @@ +--- +title: Woozle Roller Derby Scoreboard +--- + +A free scoreboard for +Windows PCs, Apple Macintosh, Linux, Chromebooks, and more. +Supports WFTDA, USARS, RDCL, MADE, and JRDA scoreboard rules. + +[Chrome app](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/woozle-scoreboard/mgdklbiancdieoaabojfabakhlfhiglb?utm_source=woozle) + +[GitHub project](https://github.io/nealey/woozle-scoreboard) + +![Screenshot](screenshot.png) diff --git a/scoreboard/index.mdwn b/scoreboard/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index cd2e91c..0000000 --- a/scoreboard/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,67 +0,0 @@ -Title: Woozle Roller Derby Scoreboard - - -A free scoreboard for -Windows PCs, Apple Macintosh, Linux, Chromebooks, and more. -Supports WFTDA, USARS, RDCL, MADE, and JRDA scoreboard rules. - -

Live Demo

- -

Click on any part of the scoreboard to make it change.

- -Features -------- - -* Free: to use, share, and change (GPLv3). -* Easy: just click on what you want to change. -* Pretty: Optimized for high visibility on projectors. -* Portable: Runs on almost everything. - - -Installation --------- - - - - - - - -The [scoreboard operation video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXOzmmnHqXU&t=1m1s&utm_source=woozle) can help you get started quickly. - -[Frequently Asked Questions](faq.html) -includes complete usage information and keyboard shortcuts. - -[Issue Tracker](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/support/mgdklbiancdieoaabojfabakhlfhiglb) -for reporting bugs and requesting new features. - -[Source Code](https://woozle.org/neale/g.cgi/derby/scoreboard/) is also available for anyone who happens to be a *huge nerd*. - - -Contact Me ---------- - -If you'd like me to add your team logo, have an idea for improvement, -or just want to say hi, please [send me an email](mailto:neale@woozle.org). -I especially like hearing from people who are using the software: I love knowing I'm able to help people out. diff --git a/scoreboard/logos.html b/scoreboard/logos.html deleted file mode 100644 index 8487ba0..0000000 --- a/scoreboard/logos.html +++ /dev/null @@ -1,61 +0,0 @@ - - - - Roller Derby Logos - - - - - - - -

Roller Derby Logo Gallery

- -

- Here are the logos currently shipping with the - free Woozle Scoreboard. If you'd like - yours added, email your team name, preferred short name, and logo - to neale@woozle.org. -

- - - diff --git a/scoreboard/other-browsers.png b/scoreboard/other-browsers.png deleted file mode 100644 index d03dc51..0000000 Binary files a/scoreboard/other-browsers.png and /dev/null differ diff --git a/scoreboard/others.html b/scoreboard/others.html deleted file mode 100644 index dc6e97b..0000000 --- a/scoreboard/others.html +++ /dev/null @@ -1,116 +0,0 @@ - - - - Free Derby Scoreboard Software - - - - - -

Free Derby Scoreboard Software

- -

- This is a list of no-cost roller derby scoreboard software I have - found. Mine is at the top, because I think it's the best. I might - be wrong, though! Try the rest out and see for yourself. -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Woozle ScoreboardYESWeb BrowserEasy to operate, easy to read, easy to install. Also, I wrote it :)
CRD ScoreboardYESJavaPacked with features, well-supported, very popular. I'm on good terms with several of the developers.
RinxternoWindowsIf Oracle made a scoreboard, this would be it. It's massive: generates reports!
Thor's HammernoWindowsI feel like they're trying to make a better CRD. Actively maintained.
POÄNG (formerly QCRG Scoreboard)YESAdobe AIRNice clean layout, but not much activity lately.
Derby ScoreYESJavaCould use some visual polish, but I like the author's attitude.
JamTrackernoAdobe AIRBusy layout
DerbyBoardnoWindowsWhat an incredible waste of screen real estate! I hope you play somewhere very dark.
Scoreboard PronoWindowsThe author does not appear to have read WFTDA's rules.
- -
- Whether you can download and modify the source code. Important to - many nerds like myself. -
- -
- What you need to buy/install before you can run it. -
- - -
- Neale Pickett <neale@woozle.org> -
- - - - diff --git a/set.cgi b/set.cgi deleted file mode 100755 index 2b88e49..0000000 --- a/set.cgi +++ /dev/null @@ -1,8 +0,0 @@ -#! /bin/sh - -echo 'Content-type: text/plain' -echo -if [ "$PATH_INFO" = "/moo" ]; then - echo $REMOTE_ADDR > /usr/local/etc/nsd/home -fi -set diff --git a/style-black.css b/style-black.css deleted file mode 100644 index e464d44..0000000 --- a/style-black.css +++ /dev/null @@ -1,82 +0,0 @@ -html { - font-family: sans-serif; - background: black; -} - -body { - margin: auto; - color: #636; - background: black; - padding: 1em; -} - -body h1:first-child { - font-size: 1.5em; - font-weight: bold; - color: #ccc; - margin: 0; -} -body h1:first-child:before { - font-size: 300%; - font-weight: normal; - content: "Woozle"; - padding-right: 1em; -} - -nav { - font-size: 80%; - margin: 0; - padding: 0; -} -nav ul { - background-color: #222; - margin: 0; - padding: 0 1em; -} -nav li { - font-weight: bold; - display: inline; - padding: 0 1em; -} - -a { - text-decoration: none; - color: #e8b; -} -a:hover { - text-decoration: underline; -} - -h1 { - font-size: 150%; - border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; -} - - -.login { - margin: 0 1em; - color: #e8b; - background: #333; - border: 1px solid #eee; - text-align: center; -} - -.login input { - border: 1px solid #ddd; - color: #bbb; - background: #111; - font-weight: bold; -} - -a img -{ - border: 1px #e8b solid; -} -img.left { - float: left; - margin-right: 10px; -} - -pre { - background-color: #444; -} diff --git a/xmas/2009/100_1565.jpg b/xmas/2009/100_1565.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 522c0a3..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/100_1565.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/100_1572.jpg b/xmas/2009/100_1572.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d2a7dc8..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/100_1572.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/100_1577.jpg b/xmas/2009/100_1577.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 71fb4a6..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/100_1577.jpg and /dev/null 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Binary files a/xmas/2009/Image106.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/Image190.jpg b/xmas/2009/Image190.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 63e3232..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/Image190.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/Image191.jpg b/xmas/2009/Image191.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index e9e8332..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/Image191.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/dscn1714.jpg b/xmas/2009/dscn1714.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index b3b9de8..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/dscn1714.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/fam.jpg b/xmas/2009/fam.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 97f0d9b..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/fam.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3531.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3531.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 739a9af..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3531.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3543.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3543.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d798763..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3543.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3550.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3550.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index f5715ad..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3550.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3561.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3561.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 4b14084..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3561.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3683.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3683.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d80bf8a..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3683.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3782.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3782.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 90bc62c..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3782.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3823.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3823.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index a94b363..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3823.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_3941.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_3941.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 6a854e3..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_3941.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4047.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4047.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 297622b..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4047.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4062.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4062.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 1c70585..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4062.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4085.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4085.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index da68b06..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4085.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4178.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4178.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 519bfdc..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4178.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4185.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4185.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 110b7dc..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4185.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4276.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4276.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 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100644 index f80ff23..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4362.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4398.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4398.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 0bbc167..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4398.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4399.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4399.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 5a144d8..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4399.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4403.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4403.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d769317..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4403.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/img_4404.jpg b/xmas/2009/img_4404.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 6662e87..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2009/img_4404.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2009/index.mdwn b/xmas/2009/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index f2778ae..0000000 --- a/xmas/2009/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,131 +0,0 @@ -Title: 2009 Christmas Letter - -IMAGE(img_4403)) - -We had lots of help decorating the Christmas tree this year, when we took these photos. From left to right: Dingo, Samantha, Neale, Claire, Fitri, Jada, Ginnie, and Amy. For those confused about the sudden explosion in family members: we got to share our Thanksgiving with Samantha and Claire, Amy's cousins; and Fitri is our exchange student from Indonesia. - -Here are some photo highlights from 2009! - -IMAGE(img_3543) - -We did a lot of home projects this year, starting with the installation of a new woodstove and roof, and also rebuilt our deck. Neale built the hearth for the woodstove, and for a little while Ginnie got to play on it: - -IMAGE(img_3550) - -IMAGE(img_4178) - -Kellie and Bill Robinson-Smith came to visit for the February birthdays, and we took them to the Jemez ruins up the road: - -IMAGE(dscn1714) - - -Ginnie graduated from the bike trailer for longer rides to a kid-back style bike that attaches to our bikes. - -IMAGE(img_3531) - -Ginnie also tried out soccer. She had fun for about three weeks, but four-year-olds don't really get the idea of having to share the ball, even with teammates. She did enjoy socializing though! And the dandelions on the field, too. - -IMAGE(img_3561) - -In May we got to see Ginnie's ballet recital. The kids in her class were "gumdrops" from Candyland. - -IMAGE(img_3683) - -Two weeks later we headed to the Pacific Northwest and got out to the beach near Astoria, and also got some good visiting in with family. We got to join in on the annual Robinson family get-together at the Great Wolf Lodge near Olympia, where Ginnie proved to be a bit of a dare-devil on waterslides. - -Ginnie and Liz, taking a breather from the slides: - -IMAGE(DSC08025) - -The whole Robinson family at dinner: - -IMAGE(DSC07998_edited-1) - -Ginnie, Amy's dad Jim and Julie Vandling: - -IMAGE(img_3823) - -In Astoria: - -IMAGE(fam) - -IMAGE(img_3782) - -Neale's sister April, her husband Dave and their daughter Ariana came to visit us for the 4th of July. The girls had a ball together, as usual, eating popsicles and getting their faces painted at the local 4th of July celebration. - -IMAGE(IMG_2513) - -IMAGE(IMG_2610-1) - -IMAGE(IMG_2608-1) - -And then came the Hailstorm from Hell. On July 6th (I know this because of all of our insurance forms) the entire town of Los Alamos put most autobody businesses, window retailers and roofers in the black for the year. Our car sustained some amazing dents, although no broken windows luckily. The brand-new roof on our house was totaled, however. - -IMAGE(img_3941) - -Ginnie and Amy spent a lot of the summer at the neighborhood pool, where Ginnie started swimming on her own this year. Here she is, waiting for her swim teacher at the Deep End: - -IMAGE(IMAGE106) - -Neale got more and more experienced handling the bees. After they were delivered in the spring, the entire colony absconded from the hive (that's a fancy name for "The queen decided the hive was not to her liking, and took the entire colony with her"). Luckily, some friends of ours set us up with a nucleus, complete with comb, baby bees and honey. - -IMAGE(img_4047) - -In July we were asked to take in an exchange student for the year, and after some consideration decided that it would be a great experience. Three weeks later, Fitri from Indonesia arrived. She has adjusted very nicely, is involved in the Key Club and International Club at the high school, plans to run track in the spring, and amazingly took a Japanese class at the local college (imagine learning a new language from an English-speaking teacher, when English isn't your first language!). Fitri has taught us a lot about her culture, and impressed us with her ability to adapt and learn. - -We took Fitri and Ginnie to the Dixon Apple Farm in the fall: - -IMAGE(img_4085) - -We finished rebuilding the deck in September. Next year, a railing! - -IMAGE(img_4062) - -Ginnie and Fitri on Halloween: - -IMAGE(img_4185) - -Amy and Ginnie have also been exploring trails around Los Alamos with friends. The kids have a ball together on their hikes, checking out the canyons and ladders and bridges. - -Ginnie in some early snow on Pajarito Mountain: - -IMAGE(100_1565) - -At Tsankawi, which is a separate part of the Bandelier ruins: - -IMAGE(100_1572) - -The kids at Tsankawi. We got some good ladder-climbing in and had fun finding ancient arrowheads and pottery, which are still scattered around on top of the mesa there: - -IMAGE(100_1577) - -We also got Fitri out to Bandelier. Here she is on one of the series of 4 or 5 ladders going up to the Alcove House: - -IMAGE(img_4276) - -Amy's sister Kristen and her boyfriend Alex came to visit us for Thanksgiving. We took them down to Alamogordo to visit our cousins, Samantha and Claire, and took the whole gang to Carlsbad Caverns. - -IMAGE(img_4324) - -Fitri seems to be getting a little tired here... - -IMAGE(img_4336) - -Kristen and Ginnie got to bond on the hike down into the caverns: - -IMAGE(img_4337) - -Then we took everyone back to Los Alamos, where we had some great helpers putting together our Thanksgiving dinner. It was nice to visit with Kristen and Alex, and Neale's parents Christy and Steve joined us for Thanksgiving too. The girls also helped us decorate our tree, and the tree got its topper put on a total of three times. - -IMAGE(img_4346) -IMAGE(img_4355) -IMAGE(img_4362) -IMAGE(img_4398) -IMAGE(img_4399) -IMAGE(img_4404) - -As you can see, our house has been full of busy but happy changes, and we were thrilled to welcome so many visitors this year. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - -Love, - -The Picketts (Neale, Amy, Gwendolyn-Ginnie, Fitri, and the dogs (Jada and the Dink) diff --git a/xmas/2010/2010-06-05T18.29.54.jpg b/xmas/2010/2010-06-05T18.29.54.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index f122c6a..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/2010-06-05T18.29.54.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1003.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1003.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 5c44a0b..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1003.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1032.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1032.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 697426d..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1032.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1090.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1090.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 077652d..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1090.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1092.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1092.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d250adf..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1092.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1093.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1093.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 1caacd7..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1093.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1125.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1125.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 8511e88..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1125.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1161.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1161.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d0dc9eb..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1161.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1173.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1173.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index f7c474b..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1173.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1214.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1214.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d69ccb2..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1214.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1223.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1223.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d4a4001..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1223.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_1228.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_1228.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 4180328..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_1228.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_20100922_153537.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_20100922_153537.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index e565932..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_20100922_153537.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_20100922_153632.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_20100922_153632.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index dc69e5c..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_20100922_153632.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_4618.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_4618.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 2c46489..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_4618.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_4623.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_4623.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 9e2a82e..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_4623.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_4653.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_4653.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index d41e95c..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_4653.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/IMG_4674.jpg b/xmas/2010/IMG_4674.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 0ee3feb..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/IMG_4674.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/Image027.jpg b/xmas/2010/Image027.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 61811f0..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/Image027.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/Image034.jpg b/xmas/2010/Image034.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index e4af3ea..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/Image034.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/Image050.jpg b/xmas/2010/Image050.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 1d95904..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/Image050.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/dscn3384.jpg b/xmas/2010/dscn3384.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 985d981..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/dscn3384.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/dscn3419.jpg b/xmas/2010/dscn3419.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 38470e5..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/dscn3419.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/dscn3427.jpg b/xmas/2010/dscn3427.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 38bcb0d..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/dscn3427.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/dscn3444.jpg b/xmas/2010/dscn3444.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index da843d4..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/dscn3444.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/dscn3478.jpg b/xmas/2010/dscn3478.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 15778a7..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/dscn3478.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/dscn3596.jpg b/xmas/2010/dscn3596.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 1780ae3..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/dscn3596.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img002.jpg b/xmas/2010/img002.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index df14d6b..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img002.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0082.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0082.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index ad68177..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0082.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0115.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0115.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index a7df78c..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0115.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0123.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0123.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index cd33f61..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0123.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0134.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0134.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 16f6ed2..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0134.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0140.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0140.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 79b6463..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0140.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0143.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0143.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 8fb177d..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0143.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0189.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0189.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index e4b2f04..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0189.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0190.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0190.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 885abba..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0190.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0201.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0201.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index c7cb764..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0201.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0240.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0240.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 8d2cd84..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0240.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0300.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0300.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 7b65d36..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0300.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0365.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0365.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 37d9bb1..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0365.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0366.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0366.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 6921ca7..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0366.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0372.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0372.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 18f3d79..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0372.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0408.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0408.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index bd37ec3..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0408.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0414.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0414.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 9752c78..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0414.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0437.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0437.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 02882a7..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0437.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0443.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0443.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index f4ccbab..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0443.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0499.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0499.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 8234dc3..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0499.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0514.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0514.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 3446826..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0514.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0519.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0519.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 30cef7f..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0519.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0538.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0538.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 5175635..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0538.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0630.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0630.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index a69f4d5..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0630.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/img_0644.jpg b/xmas/2010/img_0644.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index c3b435a..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2010/img_0644.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2010/index.mdwn b/xmas/2010/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index cd6cb1b..0000000 --- a/xmas/2010/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,446 +0,0 @@ -Title: 2010 Christmas Letter - -Happy holidays to our friends and family! Here's a look back at our year -in pictures! - - -IMAGE(img_0082) - - -Ginnie continues to take ballet. Here, she gets ready for her recital -with her classmates and teacher Susan at the New Mexico Dance Theater -studio. She loves to dance, and in August took up Irish step dancing. - - - -IMAGE(Image034) - - -Fitri, our exchange student from Indonesia, was with us for half of the -year, and we think she got to see some neat things in New Mexico while -she was here. Here, we took the girls to the zoo in Albuquerque for a -day trip. - - - -IMAGE(img_0115) - - -The girls checking out some pirhanas. Turns out a lot of the animals at -the zoo are from Indonesia...who knew. - - - -IMAGE(img_0123) - - -Ginnie and her dad at our favorite restaurant in town, the Coffeehouse -Cafe. - - - -IMAGE(img_0134) - - -Ginnie got to try out a climbing wall at a birthday party this year. She -did pretty well, and reached about 2/3 of the way up the wall until it -sloped out over her head, and got a little intimidated. Good job, -Ginnie! - - - -IMAGE(img_0140) - - -Fitri took advantage of the awesome snowfall we had last winter and -built a snowman, with Ginnie and the dogs looking on. I think Jada just -wanted the carrot. - - - -IMAGE(img_0143) - - -The finished product! - - - -IMAGE(img_0190) - - -Ginnie's Baga and Bada (Christy & Steve Pickett, her grandparents) took -her to the circus for her birthday! - - - -IMAGE(img_0189) - - -These clowns actually look nice! - - - -IMAGE(img_0201) - - -Bada, Ginnie's grandpa, has her convinced that their dog Loki (a little -terrier mutt) was shot out of a cannon, like this guy, when he used to -work at the circus. We're a little afraid of what's going to happen when -she figures out that Loki was never actually in the circus... - - - -IMAGE(img_0240) - - -For Ginnie's 5th birthday in February, she had a castle cake and a -scavenger hunt. Here's a gratuitous shot of the cake Amy made...thank -God Auntie April was there to save the day with the frosting! - - - -IMAGE(img_0300) - - -Some of Ginnie's guests look for a clue in the scavenger hunt outside! -February birthdays make it so hard to get outside... - - - -IMAGE(img_0366) - - -Ginnie and her cousin, Ariana, who came down from Denver to help -celebrate with Auntie April. If you think Ginnie's nose looks a little -swollen... - - - -IMAGE(img_0365) - - -...that's because she landed on it after jumping off an ottoman in the -living room and tripping on the dog in midair. Not a good thing to -happen on the day of your birthday party! Don't worry, her nose -recovered. - - - -IMAGE(img_0372) - - -The girls with their Baga. - - - -IMAGE(img002) - - -In February Neale put on the first Tracer Fire competition at the -Buffalo Thunder resort down the road, which is a capture the flag-style -hacking contest. It got great reviews, and he's doing it again this -year, with hopes to put it on for high school students in the state, -also. Here, Amy and Ginnie help the guys run cables in the ballroom. - - - -IMAGE(Image027) - - -See Jada in this picture? Every day at 7pm sharp, she walks around the -house squeaking her squeaky toy repeatedly. That's what we get for -having a cattle dog - everything has a routine, even her squeaking. - - - -IMAGE(img_0408) - - -Fitri had to make empanadas for her New Mexico State History class. She -did a great job - these are fruit empanadas she's holding. - - - -IMAGE(img_0414) - - -Ginnie trying on Neale's blazer from his suit when he was about 5 years -old. We blame Fitri for teaching Ginnie how to pose! - - - -IMAGE(img_0437) - - -Fitri and Ginnie on the way up to Denver. We stopped here to check out -the canyon views outside of Taos. - - - -IMAGE(img_0443) - - -Cousins at Buca di Bepo. That was a lot of food. - - - -IMAGE(img_0499) - - -The Picketts and Oteros on Fitri's last trip to Denver. She loved -Ariana, who is admittedly pretty cute. - - - -IMAGE(Image050) - - -We took Ginnie on a bike ride to the Ponderosa Campground near Los -Alamos' back gate in the spring. She stopped to eat. A lot. - - - -IMAGE(img_0514) - - -Ginnie was SO excited when Fitri got dressed up for prom. - - - -IMAGE(img_0519) - - -We tried to explain why getting a picture of just Fitri and her date -would be nice. - - - -IMAGE(img_0538) - - -Ginnie and friends getting ready for their end-of-year recital. - - - -IMAGE(img_0630) - - -In May Ginnie "graduated" from preschool. Here she gives Ms. Mo, her -teacher, a final hug. We had a great couple of years at Little Forest. - - - -IMAGE(img_0644) - - -Fitri got to walk in Los Alamos High School's graduation ceremony. Here -the girls show off their commencement finery! - - - -IMAGE(2010-06-05T18.29.54) - - -Ginnie and her Bada. - - -At the end of June we said goodbye to Fitri, who traveled to Washinton, -D.C. and then on home to Indonesia. She graduates from high school this -spring and she thinks she'll be going to college in Australia! - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1003) - - -We went on vacation for 2 weeks in August with Kellie and Bill to visit -some national parks and family. We stopped in Arches National Park, -drove up through Utah and saw Yellowstone. Then we drove over to Butte, -Montana, where we got to see Amy's Uncle Frank and Aunt Nancy. Here, -Ginnie checks out the Superfund Cleanup site, the Pit, in Butte, with -Aunt Nancy. - - - -IMAGE(dscn3427) - - -Ginnie checking out the differences between sandstone and...some other -stone...at Arches. She did the junior ranger program at 3 different -parks! - - - -IMAGE(dscn3384) - - -Amy and Ginnie under an arch. - - - -IMAGE(dscn3419) - - -Ginnie and Auntie Kellie in Moab, Utah. - - - -IMAGE(dscn3444) - - -Bill wanted to check out an Airforce museum in Layton, Utah on the way -up to Wyoming and Montana. Also a fun stop. - - - -IMAGE(dscn3596) - - -Amy and Neale at the Grand Canyon in Yellowstone. - - - -IMAGE(dscn3478) - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1032) - - -We went up to Glacier National Park next, which was amazing. We stayed -at Apgar one night, and camped at Fish Creek the next. No bears! We plan -to come back here for a longer stay. Winterkeepers, anyone? Apparently -that job was open over at Many Glacier! - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1090) - - -Ginnie checking out a marmot at the St. Mary visitor center. It was -really cold, wet. and rainy at the top of that ridge! - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1092) - - -The morning we left Glacier we visited the Montana Vortex, which is just -south of Apgar. Amy and Bill were pretty dubious about the whole thing, -but who can resist a crooked house? And we did have fun in the end. -Kellie volunteered to participate in some kind of Incredible Shrinking -slab exhibit, where you somehow shrink in comparison to another person -as you move from one side to the other. Poor guy...because of us, the -other group members were probably less than convinced about the vortex's -magical abilities. - - -And then Ginnie started Kindergarten in August. Amy wasn't sure how much -food she'd need for one day, so she sent enough for 10 Kindergarteners. -That was the last time Ginnie used that lunchbox. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1093) - - -She gets to walk to school every day, lucky girl. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1125) - - -Over Labor Day weekend, we relandscaped part of our front yard. It was -hard work and took the entire weekend, plus some, but it was worth it. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_20100922_153537) - - -And then Ginnie learned how to ride her bike sans training wheels or Mom -& Dad! Very exciting! - - - -IMAGE(IMG_20100922_153632) - - -Ginnie on her new wheels. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1161) - - -In October, Amy and Ginnie went to Missoula for Amy's grandfather Jim -Gaul's memorial service. We got to see just about everyone in the -family. Here Ginnie poses with the rest of her 2nd cousins. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1173) - - -The Gaul family. A few missing but almost everybody's there. It was -great to see everyone again. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_4618) - - -Ginnie as a kitty for Halloween. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1214) - - -Ginnie started Girl Scouts this fall. Here they are, Troop 10348 at -their "induction ceremony!" Oh, and by the way, Neale volunteered us to -be the cookie chairs, so if you want Girl Scout cookies, you know who to -contact! - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1223) - - -Ginnie was cast as a snowflake in her dance studio's Young Dancers -production of T'was the Night Before Christmas. - - - -IMAGE(IMG_4623) - - -Before going downtown for her performance, she accepted a few -"good-luck" phone calls from adoring fans (her grandparents). - - - -IMAGE(IMG_4653) - - - -IMAGE(IMG_1228) - - - -IMAGE(IMG_4674) - - -Post-performance at Fuller Lodge. - - -We hope you all have a great holiday season. We're having a really dry, -sunny and warm late fall so far, so if you want some Vitamin D come and -visit! Amy makes fantastic enchiladas, if you need another reason! - - -Love, - - -The Picketts (Neale, Amy, Ginnie, and the dogs, Dingo & Jada) diff --git a/xmas/2011/DSC03851.jpg b/xmas/2011/DSC03851.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 9947300..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/DSC03851.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_1329.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_1329.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 0c0e3ac..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_1329.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_1368.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_1368.jpg deleted file mode 100755 index c5eb8de..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_1368.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_1469.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_1469.jpg deleted file mode 100755 index 67cd563..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_1469.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_1493.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_1493.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index a0ac171..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_1493.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110312_095807.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_20110312_095807.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 89ce5dc..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110312_095807.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110328_110408.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_20110328_110408.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index f0cc6a7..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110328_110408.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110425_124754.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_20110425_124754.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 7159144..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110425_124754.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110626_201950.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_20110626_201950.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 3570300..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110626_201950.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110717_122045.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_20110717_122045.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 698dde9..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_20110717_122045.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_4888.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_4888.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 4849c8d..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_4888.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/IMG_4958.jpg b/xmas/2011/IMG_4958.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index 722e0b4..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/IMG_4958.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/arrr.jpg b/xmas/2011/arrr.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index dddfbed..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/arrr.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2011/index.mdwn b/xmas/2011/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index c0454b0..0000000 --- a/xmas/2011/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,70 +0,0 @@ -Title: 2011 Christmas Letter - -This was a year of firsts. Ginnie had her first sleep-over, performed at her first Irish dance recital, - -IMAGE(IMG_1329) -IMAGE(IMG_4888) - - -She got her first Ghillies, - -IMAGE(IMG_1493) - -competed in her first Irish Dance Competition, - -IMAGE(DSC03851) - -did her first ballet recital without an older girl leading, - -IMAGE(IMG_1368) - -and went on her first self-supported hike. - -IMAGE(IMG_20110328_110408) - -She sold her first (and last) Girl Scout Cookies: the top seller for her troupe! - -IMAGE(IMG_20110312_095807) - -She went to Disneyland for the first time - -IMAGE(arrr) -IMAGE(tamarrr) - -She went to her first Roller Derby bout - -IMAGE(IMG_20110717_122045) - -Evacuated town for the first time - -IMAGE(IMG_20110626_201950) - -Rode her bike by herself for the first time - - - -Read her first book by herself - - - -Had her first motorcycle ride - -IMAGE(IMG_1469) - - -And ate her first Tofurky (she liked it!) - -IMAGE(IMG_4958) - - - - - -Amy and Neale had a lot of fun coffee dates this year - -IMAGE(IMG_20110425_124754) - -Love, - - -The Picketts (Neale, Amy, Ginnie, and the dogs, Dingo & Jada) diff --git a/xmas/2011/tamarrr.jpg b/xmas/2011/tamarrr.jpg deleted file mode 100644 index f9ea724..0000000 Binary files a/xmas/2011/tamarrr.jpg and /dev/null differ diff --git a/xmas/2012/index.mdwn b/xmas/2012/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index bac7da1..0000000 --- a/xmas/2012/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,16 +0,0 @@ -Title: 2012 Christmas Letter - -Happy Holidays from Amy, Neale & Ginnie!  We’ve had a really busy but fun 2012.  Ginnie is now in 2nd grade, and we’re finding that every school year seems to have a theme of some sort of learning that she works on more than other things.  This year is definitely the year of being social.  It doesn’t hurt that her best friend lives directly across the street from us and is in the same class she is in, which is a mistake I’m sure the school won’t make when they put together class lists for next year! Ginnie continues to take Irish dance classes and goes to K-Kids once a week, which is a club through Kiwanis that concentrates on community service.  The community service seems to involve a lot of cookies and juice, but she does save a cookie for her mom some days, which could be considered doing the community a favor.  Ginnie is still a total ham and we love her to bits. - -Jada the Dog continues to claim that we don’t feed her enough and definitely don’t give her enough attention or walks.  She has been developing her trick of dragging her dog beds around the house to wherever the family is hanging out and flopping down on them, and she still squeaks her squeaky toys at 7pm sharp.  She is always on the lookout for sheep that need herding.  Dingo is getting pretty gray but is still as high-strung as he ever was.  We think that the mail carriers and meter-readers have figured out that he’s a total pushover, but we haven’t told Dingo that yet. - -Neale is absolutely loving his job and plans to work until he’s 150 years old.  He also loves plumbing.  He loves it so much that he installed the same toilet twice in our remodeled bathroom, just for fun.  Not because it was leaking.  He has become the go-to volunteer for at least two roller derby leagues in our area, and he’ll be Amy’s team’s Head NSO (non-skating official) this coming season.  His computer security training seminars are in the 5th year and still going strong. Neale and Amy went swing dancing for the first time in about 12 years recently, and it was really nice to rediscover how much fun that is! - -Amy is going into her 2nd season of roller derby with the Los Alamos Derby Dames.  They don’t have their season schedule hammered out just yet, but when they do, everyone should come and watch her team play!  And if you can’t do that, at least support your own town’s roller derby league and check out a “bout” sometime! Most leagues are non-profit and raise money for animal shelters, food banks, children’s hospitals and the like.  It’s also just a lot of fun to watch!  Amy also started nursing school in August.  She has three semesters and a lot of hard work left, but so far, so good!  It makes it a lot easier to have such a loving and supportive family in Neale and Ginnie. - -We get to end this letter with news that Amy's sister Kristen is a new mommy: Daphne was born on December 17. Mom and proud daddy Alex are doing great, and we can't wait to go see all three in San Francisco. - -With love from our crazy household to yours, - -Neale, Amy, Ginnie, Jada, Dingo and the gopher in the front yard. - diff --git a/xmas/2013/index.mdwn b/xmas/2013/index.mdwn deleted file mode 100644 index c8ebb49..0000000 --- a/xmas/2013/index.mdwn +++ /dev/null @@ -1,19 +0,0 @@ -Title: 2013 Holiday Letter - -Happy Holidays! We hope you and your families had a good 2013 and are looking forward to an equally adequate 2014. Drop us a line sometime if you can! - -In 2013, we worked hard, but we got to play a lot too. We managed to visit Seattle for the first time since Ginnie was 2. Ginnie’s still talking about her Moose Tracks ice cream cone she got at the Seattle Center. We did the touristy stuff we never did when we lived there (including visiting the Space Needle, the EMP, the Pacific Science Center and wandering the Pike Place Market). We also took Ginnie to the UW and got to ride the long buses with the bouncy middle (weee!). Our conclusion as a family is that Seattle is a fun place to visit too! - -Amy’s sister Kristen brought her daughter, Daphne, to visit us in May. She’s super cute and a really good-natured baby. She just turned one year old this week! We’re really glad they were able to come and see us. - -This year Ginnie started taking guitar lessons with a different teacher than her dad. This arrangement seems to be working better! She also started hard shoe in Irish dance, which was pretty exciting for her. She enjoys taking care of the neighbor’s cat when they go on vacation, collecting rocks, and ridding the world of ice cream one bowl at a time. Writing and drawing her own comics is still one of her favorite past-times. - -This year Neale has been enjoying playing guitar with his kid and drinking a ton of coffee to help deal with Amy’s crazy schedule. He’s learned a lot about scheduling and getting kids to events on time. He’s been doing a good job taking his bike most places, although that’s cut back in December in order to work on knitting projects. It’s kind of been a slow year for Neale. - -Amy has one semester of nursing school left. She graduates in May, and over the summer she’s hoping to get scheduled to take the NCLEX (the national boards exam) and finally become an RN. She’s still skating derby and watching for the moment that Ginnie is taller than she is! - -Have a very happy holiday season! - -Love, - -Neale, Amy, & Ginnie diff --git a/xmas/install b/xmas/install deleted file mode 100755 index 923f71c..0000000 --- a/xmas/install +++ /dev/null @@ -1,11 +0,0 @@ -#! /bin/sh - -DESTDIR=${1:-/srv/http/woozle.org/xmas} - -for img in */*.jpg; do - target=$DESTDIR/${img%.jpg}-sm.jpg - if older $target $img; then - echo "SCALE $img" - jpegtopnm $img | pnmscale -xysize 400 400 | pnmtojpeg > $target - fi -done