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Title: LED Roller Derby Scoreboard
A do-it-yourself LED Roller Derby scoreboard.
It's visible in full sunlight,
doesn't use a computer at all,
and can be easily operated by an 8-year-old.
If you're looking for a software scoreboard (using a projector)
this isn't what you want.
But here's [a list of free scoreboard software]( that should help.
This scoreboard is operated with a Nintendo controller,
and runs on an XBox 360 power supply.
The rest of the parts need to be ordered from various sources online.
The total should come out to around $200,
with plenty of options for upgrades.
It will take about 6 weeks of work,
and requires basic electronics understanding and
elementary soldering skills.
Neale provides updated firmware,
so unless you feel like modifying the MIT-licensed source code,
you don't need to do any programming.
Here are different builds of the board.
![Original Build](
![First duplicate](
![Second duplicate](
Build documents,
parts lists,
and firmware builds
are available in a
[Google Drive Folder](
Please be sure to join the group,
at the very least we want to know that there are other
crazy people in the world.
I highly recommend you join the
[Scoreboard Builders Group](!forum/scoreboard-builders) forum/mail list.
You will need help,
either because you get confused,
or because the instructions are crappy,
or both.
This group is where to go to get it.
About Me
I'm Neale Pickett,
also known as "Q" in the Derby world.
Feel free to [email me](,
but the group would be more appropriate for email relating to this scoreboard.
I've done a lot of [other derby stuff](/derby/)
that you may be interested in.

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<td><a href="">POÄNG</a> (formerly <a href="">QCRG Scoreboard</a>)</td>
<td>Adobe AIR</td>
<td>Nice clean layout, but possibly about to be abandoned.</td>
<td>Nice clean layout, but not much activity lately.</td>