Electronic bagpipes with an FM synthesizer

Updated 2 months ago

Animated wall art

Updated 2 months ago

Adapter for morse keys to USB

Updated 3 months ago

Our take on Adafruit's fiber optic pixie skirt

Updated 6 months ago

Marlin firmware with my changes

Updated 7 months ago

ATtiny85 to drive a string of ws2812 lights counting to an event

Updated 1 year ago

Light animation for winter holidays

Updated 3 years ago

Arduino-based puzzle box for a secret gift exchange

Updated 3 years ago

My badgy badge

Updated 4 years ago

Arduino project to make it look like there's lightning in a puffy cloud (fork with additions)

Updated 5 years ago

A Ghostbusters Proton Pack that lights up and makes noise (Arduino)

Updated 7 years ago

Fork of SparkFun electronic memory game, adding features

Updated 8 years ago

My additions to the Mixxxx DJ software, enabling some Hercules DJ controllers

Updated 8 years ago