Monarch Of The Hill - base infrastructure for computer-based puzzle contests

Updated 4 days ago

A print-and-play detective game

Updated 6 days ago

Docker stacks for

Updated 2 weeks ago

Just authenticates you, and sets a cookie. Useful for caddy/traefik forward-auth.

Updated 3 weeks ago

An automated ripper/encoder, which sucks content off of physical media and onto your hard drive.

Updated 4 weeks ago

Marlin firmware with my changes

Updated 1 month ago

My vanity web site, or homepage.

Updated 1 month ago

A General Motors head restraint button. On the Chevrolet Bolt, this tilts the head restraint back so you can fold the back seats down.

Updated 2 months ago

A pixel art server for my wall art Arduino project

Updated 2 months ago

3D printable poker chips

Updated 3 months ago

Animated wall art

Updated 5 months ago

Adapter for morse keys to USB

Updated 5 months ago

Internet Morse Code Repeater

Updated 5 months ago

Electronic bagpipes with an FM synthesizer

Updated 6 months ago

A CPU simulator for teaching

Updated 6 months ago