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To Do

  • Status web app as PWA? Does this even matter? Maybe not.
  • The directory layout is gross. Fix it.
    • What I'd like to see: pending/ has everything that's not finished yet; complete/ has everything that is.
    • Do I really need to separate audio and video? Can't I just put that in the json file?
  • I'm not certain the CD part works after moving to Python from Bourne Shell.
  • Set title for audio CDs on read.
  • For audio CDs, set completion to null, and have that result in a spinny progress meter.


  • Handbrake is putting the stereo track before the 5.1 track, and making stereo the default. Fix that.
  • Status web app
  • Report title in status.json
  • Output JSON instead of bourne shell for env
    • New function in common: getenv() { jq -r --arg key="$1" '.[key]' env.json }
    • Then just slurp the thing into the status json
  • Indicate what is in the encoding queue (# items, titles)
  • Completion percentage scraping
    • Handbrake: Encoding: task 2 of 2, 20.58%
    • dvdbackup: Copying Title, part 2/4: 72% done