791 B

This is a pure HTML5 playlist, specifically designed for theater work. I run it on a Chromebook.

You give it a play list, and it cues them up, one at a time. Press "play" to play the cued-up track, use the arrow keys to select a different track.

The normal browser media controls are available too.

You can also plug a Korg NanoKontrol 2 in, and use its play/stop/prev/next buttons, as well as the first fader.

This features a massive time display, so everybody else in the control booth can see how far into the track you are, for things like light cues, etc.

Just drop these three files in the directory with all your tracks, and edit the HTML to have the right list of tracks. You can have the same track more than once, if you want.


Neale Pickett