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* Lets you key even if you move focus to another window
* Works with [Vail](
* Works with [VBand](
* Optional sidetone generator for straight keying, which helps with latency
* Works with [VBand](, but the window has to remain focused
* Optional sidetone generator, which helps with latency
* Implements all nine keyer modes from Vail, in the adapter, so you lunatics can try to key at 50WPM with no latency issues
* Plays received signals in the adapter, so you can turn off your computer speaker
* Free firmware updates for life
* Can be wired up in about 5 minutes
@ -30,10 +32,7 @@ License: MIT
Things I plan to add:
* Local keyer logic for Ultimatic, Iambic, etc.
* Local keyer generating sidetones
* Vail site sends MIDI note events to the adapter,
so you don't need your computer speaker on to listen.
* PCB to ease assembly and make a more robust shippable product
# Contributing