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About Vail

Vail is a Continuous Waveform (CW) repeater. You can send a signal on it, and anyone else connected will hear and/or see it.

It was named after Alfred Vail, who, along with Samuel Morse, created and popularized "Morse Code".

Getting Started

When you first open Vail, you are using the "straight key". You can press the button labeled "Key" to send a beep, and you will hear a tone.

When someone sends something back, you will hear a lower tone.

Once you've figured out the basics, check out the longer Getting Started page.

Vail Adapter

I've made a USB adapter that lets you use your existing key/paddle with Vail. It's like the VBand adapter with some neat enhancements. More information is available at the Vail Adapter Project Page.

Vail Adapter Photo

Other Stuff Of Interest

  • VBand is a similar site with features that might make it easier for people new to Morse Code.
  • There is a Vail Adapter which will allow you to transmit with a paddle without needing the browser window in focus. You can even QSO with the screen locked!
  • Google made a learn Morse code tool that I like a lot.
  • There is a Vail Discord run by Vail user K6JSC.