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Author: neale
License: MIT
# Vail Adapter: Morse Code Key/Paddle to USB
![Vail adapter, assembled and connected](doc/vail-adapter-v2.jpg)
# Features
* Lets you key even if you move focus to another window
* Works with [Vail](
* Works with [VBand](, but the window has to remain focused
* Optional sidetone generator, which helps with latency
* Implements all nine keyer modes from Vail, in the adapter, so you lunatics can try to key at 50WPM with no latency issues
* Plays received signals in the adapter, so you can turn off your computer speaker
* Free firmware updates for life
* Can be wired up in about 5 minutes
[Vail Adapter benefits video]( (4:46)
# Setting Up
* [Easy Setup](doc/
* [Advanced Setup](doc/
# Future Work
Things I plan to add:
* [x] PCB to ease assembly and make a more robust shippable product
* [ ] Debug tone changes
* [ ] PCB v2 to get the speaker on pin 10 instead of pin 9
* [ ] Unplug detection: send a pulse out one pin and detect it on the T pin to reset straight-key detection
# Contributing
To contribute to this project please contact
# Similar projects
* Vail user Michele Giugliano's
which runs on a DigiSpark (attiny85). It only sends keystrokes, so you must keep the Vail
window focused: you can't switch to other apps and still transimit.
* Ham Radio Solutions sells a
[USB Paddle Interface](
which appears to be very similar to Michele's project. You must keep the
Vail window focused.
* [CWKeyboard]( looks almost
exactly the same as the VBand adapter.