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Vail MIDI Protocol

When it boots, the Vail adapter sends left and right Control keyboard key up and down events. It also shows up as a MIDI device.

The Vail web site sends MIDI control commands to enable MIDI keyer mode, tells the keyer what sideband pitch to generate, and can set the keyer mode.

Controller 0 - MIDI Mode

b0 00 ff will enable MIDI mode and disable Keyboard mode

b0 00 00 will enable Keyboard mode and disable MIDI mode

Controller 1 - dit length

b0 00 xx will set the dit duration to xx times 2 milliseconds

Controller 2 - sidetone note

b0 00 xx will play note xx as the sidetone note

Program Change

c0 xx will change the keyer mode to xx.

Keyer Modes

  • 0: passthrough (sends C# and D for dit and dah)
  • 1: cootie / straight key
  • 2: bug
  • 3: electric bug
  • 4: single dot
  • 5: ultimatic
  • 6: plain iambic
  • 7: iambic a
  • 8: iambic b
  • 9: keyahead

Any other mode will set to passthrough.

Notes (key down / key up)

90 00 xx will begin playing note xx
80 00 xx will end playing note xx

These work just like a regular MIDI synthesizer.